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  • Alejandra Flores's Story

    Dr. Willy Dávila is an angel doctor. He is super respectful, professional, kind, with an attentive and compassionate look. He listens with great patience and attention to the patient. I am very grateful to God for having placed in my way a doctor as humane and kind as Dr. Dávila. I recently had surgery with him and it has been one of the best experiences, both the Doctor and the nurses (Febbe F., Camiel Edward, Terry Ann), the Nurse Practitioner (Adai K. Rebekah), the anesthesiologist, the office assistants ( Suyapa Serrano), Dr. Dávila's office manager (Georgina Madrazo), the young woman from the international patient area (Némesis Hernández) have all been very professional, kind and respectful. They have answered all my queries. They have been very patient with me. They took care of me before, during and after my surgery. I am in a process that is just beginning, but I am very happy to be able to count on Dr. Dávila and all his medical and office staff. I would choose Dr. Dávila a thousand times more. I ask God to always protect him and all his medical and office staff at Comprehensive Women's Center.

  • Barbara Goodheart's Story

    I’ve had a number of visits with Dr. Davila, and I know him to be a person who is kind and understanding; a physician I feel quite comfortable with when talking about my medical conditions. He’s also extremely knowledgeable and highly respected by his peers, who have given him numerous awards for his skills and patient care. I highly recommend Dr. Davila.

  • Donna R 's Story

    Dr. Davila and his team are exceptional in every way. He is genuinely concerned and I feel he has sincere interest in solving my pelvic floor reconstruction issues. Surgery is complete, ongoing followup excellent! I trust him completely. Credentials impeccable!

  • Frances 's Story

    The absolute best of the best in his field. He and his staff are amazing. Made me feel very comfortable. I found Dr. Davilla from a FB group I follow called Pelvic Organ Prolapse. I traveled from NY to Ft. Lauderdale for a consultation and I'm very happy I did. Dr. Davilla is extraordinary in his field, very humble, patient, kind, caring and the examination was very thorough. He is one-of-kind in his field. I've been to many urogyns here in NYC and none could ever compare to Dr. Davilla. I highly recommend. His staff is amazing also.

  • Melissa 's Story

    Dr Davila was the first Dr in 20 years to acknowledge and diagnose the issues that had been haunting me causing pain, discomfort, the inability to have a normal bowel movement, painful intercourse, lower back pain, inability to empty my bladder, heaviness in my pelvic area, so many things causing so many discomforts and stresses in my life at times leaving me debilitated for days.

    My consultation was incredible. He listened, he asked questions, our conversation helped me realize a lot of behaviors I had adopted to adapt to things my body was no longer doing. When I left my consult I left with a surgery date, urodynamics, and post op check up date all scheduled. I got to my car and cried tears of relief because I had a dx, explanations of what was going on and likely how it happened, and a plan to fix it with a surgeon who I felt 1,000% confident in. I was overwhelmed with gratitude.

    Following surgery I can say he is the kindest, most sincere Dr and surgeon I have ever experienced. The recovery has been a process and his team and he have been available and helpful when needed along the way. He is the most knowledgeable Dr I have ever experienced and has absolutely given me my life back. I’m 4 weeks post op now and see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’m starting to love my body again and have full normal function coming back that I never thought I would ever feel again. I just thought my body was broken before I met him.

    Traveling to have him take care of me was worth more than I will ever be able to explain. I feel like a whole woman again. ❤️

  • Joy 's Story

    God bless Dr Davila and all he does for women!
    Knowledgeable, kind and has a very helpful staff.

  • Erkan 's Story

    My mother was operated by Dr Davilla ,he was very professional and like a family member to us.Thak you God bless.

  • Vee Jay's Story

    Dr Davila was very caring his clinical staff was respectful and understanding

  • Michelle C's Story

    One of the very few doctors I’ve been to that has listened and made me feel
    Comfortable and solve the problem. Very friendly and the staff is amazing.

  • Teresa Brennan's Story

    Dr. Davila perfomed my prolapse surgery and hysterectomy. I have such confidence in Dr. Davila and his team. They are the best medical people in terms of experience, confidence and treatment of patients. I felt so comfortable with everything and would never go elsewhere for prolapse problems. I have such respect for Dr. Davila.

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